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Assets and Inventory system

Enable complete tracking of Assets movements a cross locations and ownership

The Digi presence employee app is built to enable employees to access and manage all HR related services and requests. To support internal portals,this includes HR related processes such as onboarding, attendance, visa, monitoring, payroll and finance features, recruiting and onboarding features etc.

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Main features

Simple features with advanced functionality.

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  • Asset Tracker
  • Inventory Management
  • Task Management
  • Profile Dashboard
  • Location Tracker
  • Transfer Management


Use your data to make better business choices and ensure that custom reports, queries, and previously defined reports to be reviewed consistently. Get the most comprehensive data and efficiently manage your assets with us

Location trackingLocation tracking

Easily track all of your inventory assets moves to multiple locations during their entire life cycle, from purchase to disposal

Purchase RequestPurchase Request

With the asset and inventory system, you can effortlessly make purchase orders requests and track them throughout the process, keeping you up to date on your company's operations


Make your work life easier with our assistance, by keeping track of all your transactions, including purchases, pending issue transactions, issue transactions, and adjustment transactions


Maintain a comprehensive supplier database at all times, and enjoy the benefits by swiftly navigating through your company's operations without hassle.


Maintain and track your whole stock throughout its life cycle, and enjoy a hassle-free and simple work procedure with our asset and inventory system

Experience absolute consistency, visibility, and control of your Assets & Inventory!

Assign assets to users, job sites, and vehicles to enforce accountability. Bundle equipment together to rapidly perform actions across multiple assets.


Asset deployment and return actions customized to your requirements, as well as past-due reminders, keep everyone updated. Deploy and return assets in a controlled manner, send past-due reminders, and keep everyone informed.

Complete equipment history allows for better reporting, visibility, and forecasting. Easily design and print custom barcodes and QR codes for asset tracking in your organization.


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