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Employees can now use the Digi Presence employee app to swiftly access and manage all HR-related services and service requests. It also includes HR-related services such as onboarding, attendance, visa tracking, payroll, and finance, as well as internal portals that let organizational users manage users, roles, pages, access, workflow, lookups, and app settingss.

Enhance employee HR functions with ease.

With the Digi Presence Employee app solution, employees can self-serve their needs, resulting in a more efficient working environment.



Team leaders and employees can track their attendance records using the employee app, allowing them to keep track of their daily login status

HR ServicesHR Services

With the self-service employee app, we enable you to avail your HR services such as salary requests, payslips, immigration procedures, permit renewals, and more

Medical ServicesMedical Services

Through the app, you may learn about and avail of medical services such as medical insurance that has been provided to you by the organization

Task managementTask management

We enable users to create, assign, and track tasks distributed among employees using the task management function, enabling them to save time

Personal ProfilePersonal Profile

Update your profile on the app to receive notifications about new opportunities for growth inside the business based on your qualifications and expertise

Career PathCareer Path

With the employee service app, you may track your career progress and assess your current and potential future advancement within the firm. This function also advises extra training you could pursue to broaden your professional options and accelerate your progress


Simple features with advanced functionality

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Empower your employees with the best self-service solutions

Utilizing Digipresence's employee app, enables your employees to have complete access to HR-related services and service requests. This allows effortless management of HR-related functions like onboarding, attendance, visa tracking, payroll and finance, recruitment, and more.

Climb up your career progression ladder!

Prioritize the growth of your employees

Career paths and career ladders provide employees with opportunities to develop and advance within an organization. Employees can learn more about their current professional position and their potential for growth, with the assistance of the Career Path module. In addition to reviewing proposals to modify Career Paths, higher management can also get competency feedback from Committee members.

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One app to manage, track, and manage your team's tasks

Work smarter and save time by creating all your tasks in one place

To ensure the success of the project, Task Management apps enable users to work together more cohesively and quickly. By using it, app users can add, assign and update task progress anytime and anywhere.

As a widget on the home screen, My Tasks displays the number of tasks in Inbox alongside their status, enabling the user to take a glance at the new updates.

Work more efficiently with Task progress updates!


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