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An all-in-one e-commerce solution featuring an app for placing orders and an admin interface for managing products, inventory, and orders, along with delivery and payment.


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Simple features with advanced functionality.

Advanced Product searchAdvanced Product search

This eCommerce system enables users to find the closest store, explore products in the store by category or search for a specific name. It displays price of each item and shows if the traded price is market-supported

Shopping cartShopping cart

With our shopping cart, make your online shopping a wonderful experience by adding your items of interest to the cart as you browse through the numerous choices in your hand

Easy Payment gatewaysEasy Payment gateways

We also feature mobile payment gateway services, which enable customers to process credit cards or direct payments, track billing information, and finish transactions, making the entire shopping experience effortless

Admin portalAdmin portal

Customize project stages to fit your organization's internal model review procedures using our admin portal. Add and remove users, change passwords, and delete modifications to manage your users

dashboard-tracking dashboard-tracking

Online OrderingOnline Ordering

Order products or services from your favorite merchants using our e-commerce app, and take advantage of additional benefits such as promotions and deals

Product details & ReviewsProduct details & Reviews

One of the main features of our e-commerce app is the product details and reviews that we show. This enables users a better understanding of the product they would like to purchase, enhancing a more personalized experience for the user

Shipping methodsShipping methods

We provide you functionalities to manage in house shipping management team or can go for an integration mechanism with the leading logistic companies across the region. The ready to use API' s will help you seamlessly do the integration process based on your business requirements.

Order trackingOrder tracking

Our live monitoring system allows users to keep track of their orders online or through the app at any time. The app provides information on when the product will arrive and where it currently is in the delivery process

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Serve your customers by enabling them to shop safely from home with your personalised E-commerce platform.

To provide your customers with the absolute best digital experience possible, we design and develop e-commerce apps that offer an engaging and real-time buying experience and encourage them to return to your app regularly.

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  • Easy and Hassle free Payment options
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Live tracking system
  • Order cancellation
  • Return policy & Exchange
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Live tracking system
  • Order cancellation
  • Refund

Learn how to harness the power of digital commerce to grow your business.

Customer service is an indispensable part of running a retail business. Customers expect a highly tailored purchasing/ experience from you, not only if you have high-quality merchandise but also if they have purchased from you previously. Digital Presence provides your company with an efficient, streamlined, and integrated value chain by improving your company's responsiveness to clients and delivering accelerators to your current operations.

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